The Wines of Bandol are here!

Discovering there was limited avialability of Bandol in the United States, we approached winemakers in Bandol to share their secret: wines and olive oils, crafted with the same techniques for centuries on the rough terrain that bestows the unique earthy and beloved essence of Provence. With our partnership, we are able to share these elegant vintages for distribution in the United States.

Widely appreciated throughout Europe, Bandol wines have had little exposure in the rest of the world. As American wine drinkers become more adventurous and thirsty for knowledge of the great wines of the world, we knew the time was right to introduce Bandol to a newly captive audience.

We started off small, introducing Bandol to Houston’s ever-developing market. We were quickly surprised at how well Bandol is known and appreciated by restauranteurs and wine shops in Houston and Austin. The porfolio developed quickly and now we are thriving and striving to keep up with the growing demand and excitement for the Bandol labels we bring to Houston, Austin...and beyond.

In the end, we’re just a group of friends who love a well-made wine that we want to share with others. We would love for you to be counted among them; join us for a wine dinner soon!